EL+ Poly 5.0x5.0mm, 0.30mm thick, P2

Quantum / Radiation Detectors Polycrystalline

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EL+ 5.0x5.0x0.3mm, P2


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Developed over 10 years in association with leading research organisations in the electronics and detector community, Element Six polycrystalline electronic grade plates offer a high level of performance over a large surface area.

Large grain sizes coupled with low damage surface finishes have enabled development of bulk and surface sensitive electronic devices

Its combined Electron Mobility, Radiation Hardness and Charge Collection Efficiency of up to 50% make it the ideal radiation detection material

Plates are supplied with high quality, low damage polished surfaces, in sizes of 5x5, 10x10 and 20x20 mm in thickness of 300 and 500 microns

  • Carat Weight EA: 0.13 ct
  • Lateral Dimensions Measured: to larger side
  • Edges: Laser Cut
  • Edge Features: < 0.2 mm
  • Laser Kerf:
  • Lateral Tolerance: +0.2/-0
  • Length: 5.00 mm
  • Side 1, Roughness, Ra: polished, Ra<20nm
  • Side 2, Roughness, Ra: polished, Ra<20nm
  • Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm
  • Thickness Dimension: 0.30 mm
  • Width: 5.00 mm
  • Boron Concentration [B]: <1 ppb
  • Charge Collection Efficiency (CCE): Typically >36%, for 500 µm plate
  • Charge Collection Distance (CCD): Typically >180µm, @1 V µm-1 applied field, for 500 µm plate
  • Nitrogen Concentration: [Ns0] < 50 ppb
  • Radiation Hardness: Withstands >1015 cm-2 24 GeV protons without signal dropping below 25% of initial value