Q. What Surface Finishes are Available

The standard surface processing finishes are follows:

As grown

Neither side processed


One side polised; one side lapped


Both sides polised

Q. Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, you may order as few pieces as you wish.

Q. Is there a maximum order quantity?

Yes, some products have a maximum order quantity per purchase. If you require larger volumes of any product, please contact us

Q. What are the standard tolerances?


 Lateral tolerances are normally:

+0.2 / -0.0mm



The standard thickness tolerances are as follows:


TM100 / TM 180

+/- 0.05mm


+/- 0.10mm

Mechanical Grade (PC)

+/- 0.05mm

Electrochemistry Grade (EP)

+ 0.15 / -0.05mm

Single Crystal Plates

+/- 0.05mm

Q. How to choose a secure password?

Passwords should be at least 10 characters long and only include the letters A-Z, a-z, and the numbers 0-9. Passwords are case sensitive.


To ensure your password is secure you should:

Mix upper and lowercase letters and numbers in your password.

Ensure you do not use your name, your company name, CVD, your date of birth, the current year or other common words as part of your password - these are easier to guess!


Note: Most passwords are not "cracked" by anonymous "hackers", but usually discovered by reading the post-it stuck to your monitor, the note in your diary, the passwords.doc file on your hard drive or the entry in your mobile phone phonebook. So, pick a password you can remember and don't need to write down.