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Electrochemistry Products

Element Six Electrochemical Processing Grade (Diafilm EP) has been specifically engineered as a solid, free standing CVD boron doped diamond (BDD) electrically conductive material, for the most demanding electrochemistry applications, delivering longer life, lower process costs and enabling new processes.


With metal-like conductivity this grade of BDD has been specifically developed to apply ultra-high electropotentials in water to generate the hydroxyl radical while operating at very high current densities

Extremely wide aqueous solvent window and is extremely durable and resistant to fouling, with lifetimes measured in years

Suitable for electrochemical processing applications such as: advanced oxidation processes for waste water treatment, high concentration in-situ oxidant generation and electrochemical etching processes

A range of sizes and thicknesses with an ‘as grown’ growth surface are available


For products that exceed the above specifications, please contact us

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